Joe Robinson

Stress management, productivity trainer, speaker, author, 'Work to Live''

Joe Robinson is a stress management, productivity, and work-life trainer and speaker. He is author of "Work to Live," a road map out of burnout and overload, and founder of Optimal Performance Strategies (, which conducts trainings and workshops for organizations around the world. He has appeared on CNN, NBC Nightly News and All Things Considered, among others, to discuss how Americans can break out of the burnout trap, work smarter and start working to live. His commentaries on the workplace are featured on the public radio program, Marketplace. His articles have appeared in the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, the New York Times, Utne, Fast Company, and Entrepreneur. He is also author of "Don't Miss Your Life," on the science and spirit of the missing link to happiness: engaged experience. To connect with Joe for workshops and keynotes, visit or Twitter: