Joel Christian Gill

Teacher of art students, writer of words, drawer of pictures, and reader of black history.

Joel Christian Gill™ is the chairman, CEO, president, director of development, majority and minority stock holder, manager, co-manager, regional manager, assistant to the regional manager, receptionist, senior black correspondent and janitor of Strange Fruit Comics. He is the author of two graphic novels about Black History: Strange Fruit Vol I : Uncelebrated Narratives from Black History, and Bass Reeves: Tales of the Talented Tenth no.1. He is the Associate Dean of Student Affairs at the New Hampshire Institute of Art and member of The Boston Comics Roundtable. He received his MFA from Boston University and a BA from Roanoke College. The allegations that he ghost wrote Hamlet, The Voynich Manuscript, and started The Chicago Fire are completely unfounded. He also believes that #28daysarenotenough when it come to black history. To learn more about Joel Christian Gill read this paragraph again.

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