Joel Francis

U.S. Marine,, Senior Fellow, Student Body President, Vice-Chair, CSSA, CSULA, SSCCC, Alexis Consulting Group

Joel A. Francis is a former U.S. Marine and a graduate of California State University, Los Angeles (Cal State L.A.). At Cal State L.A. he served in many leadership roles, including student body president and co-creator of the Students for California’s Future Coalition, which organized a march on the state capitol to protest higher education budget cuts. He also assumed a leadership role on a variety of environmental issues, including the defeat of Proposition 23, which would have suspended efforts to reduce carbon pollution. Joel took the fight to the bill’s biggest supporters, the Koch Brothers. He also co-authored several resolutions to place a greater emphasis on sustainability in higher education facilities, led the creation and implementation of a campus-wide recycling program and organized numerous events to help educate students on carbon pollution and global warming.