Joey Skaggs

Artist, Activist, Media Critic

Joey Skaggs is a fine artist, notorious social activist and media critic. His media hoaxes have repeatedly fooled the world press since the 1960s. Few news outlets over the last five decades have not fallen for one or another of his elaborate performances. He is the subject of "Art of the Prank", an award-winning feature documentary by Andrea Marini--produced by Marini and Judy Drosd--which follows him as he attempts to pull off the most demanding media hoax of his career. "Art of the Prank" is currently screening internationally at film and arts festivals and will soon be available to the public. Skaggs is also the publisher of The Art of the Prank blog, speaks worldwide on subjects ranging from creative activism to media literacy to viral marketing, and is the creator of the Universal Bullshit Detector Watch. Website Blog Art of the Prank Movie Website Bullshit Detector Watch Website