Joey Hoffman

Writer. Humanity Junkie. Working on a memoir about single momdom with a tween transplanted from NYC to Omaha –– die-hard city gals in search of a slice.

Joey Hoffman is a freelance writer, organ donation advocate, and absurdly proud, single mom of one tween girl who calls Facebook, "The old people's Instagram." In 2006, she moved from New York, where she grew up, to Omaha where her daughter, then three, received a small bowel, liver, and pancreas transplant.

Joey was a long-time contributor to Time Out New York and New York Magazine, who nominated her co-cover story on the city's best caterers for a National Magazine Award. She has also written for Condé Nast Traveler, Travel + Leisure, and She is writing a memoir about single momdom in the heartland––two die-hard city gals in search of a slice.

She, her daughter, and their two kleptomaniac mutts live in Omaha, where they have grown to love free parking, getting across town in less time than an NPR story, and people so friendly they think they're kidding.