John Becker

LGBT civil rights advocate

John Becker is an LGBT activist, writer, and blogger. High-profile <br /> victories include a petition convincing performance venues across the <br /> country to cancel performances by singer Michelle Shocked after she <br /> delivered a homophobic tirade onstage, a successful international media <br /> campaign that resulted in Apple dropping a “gay cure” iPhone app, and a <br /> sting operation in which Becker went undercover with hidden cameras at the clinic co-owned by Marcus and Michele Bachmann and exposed them for offering fraudulent “ex-gay” therapy.<br /> <br /> Becker has appeared as a guest on major news and political shows including ABC's <em>World News Tonight</em>, <em>Nightline</em>, and <em>Good Morning America</em>; NBC's <em>Today Show</em>; Fox's <em>Alan Colmes Show</em>; MSNBC's <em>Ed Schultz Show</em> and <em>Live with Al Sharpton</em>, and the Associated Press Television Network. He and his work have also been mentioned in notable newspapers including the <em>New York Times</em>, the <em>Washington Post</em>, and the <em>Los Angeles Times</em>.<br /> <br /> In addition to his full-time work as an LGBT rights activist, Becker is an accomplished classical musician, holding the master of music degree in vocal performance. A native of Wisconsin, Becker now lives in Washington, D.C.