John F. Ince

Author, blogger, filmmaker and social entrepreneur

John F. Ince has re-invented himself multiple times and sooner or later he hopes to get it right. At various times in his career he has been an author, journalist, documentary filmmaker, nonprofit administrator and social entrepreneur, banker, actor and gardener. After graduating from Harvard College and Harvard Business School, he worked on Wall Street with Chase Manhattan Bank and later became a reporter with Fortune Magazine and Upside Magazine, covering technology and finance. After leaving the business world, he was Executive Director of The Earth Aid Foundation for 10 years. Today he is is founder and CEO of The Credit Commons and Moneeey, Inc. He is the author of several books and films all available on Amazon including:
• The Wiz of Iz: A Powerful Parable
Wall Street Versus Main Street: Understanding Why The System is Broken
• Main Street Versus Wall Street: Transforming Raw Anger Into Purposeful Action.
The Code of Common Cents: New Money vs Old Money and The Next American Revolution
• Time-Bomb: America’s Debt Crisis, Causes Consequences and Solutions. (documentary film)