John Farr


Boasting a half-century love of great film, John Farr is an independent viewer’s advocate and film curator for the discerning crowd, guiding smart audiences to smart films.

Answering the age-old question, “what do we watch tonight” in a time-saving manner, his website - Best Movies By Farr - revolutionizes the movie selection process, touting a curated database of more than 2,500 outstanding films, eight years in development. While Hollywood pushes viewers and critics to go see what’s new, Farr is concerned solely with what’s great, in particular, intelligent, story-driven films that reward both head and heart.

After graduating from Princeton and pursuing a long career in advertising, Farr set out to follow his dream: researching, cataloging and promoting the best films available, with a special emphasis on finding those hidden gems which even the most passionate movie lover may have missed or forgotten about.

In addition to his continuing work on Best Movies by Farr, Farr writes regularly for the Huffington Post. He has appeared on Huffpo Live, CNN and NBC and has an active speaking schedule of film-related talks around festivals, events and gatherings, where he strives to help fellow viewers discover, or re-discover, the best films available, in a fun, accessible manner.