John Flicker


John Flicker is the former president of the National Audubon Society. Under his leadership, Audubon has built on its century-old conservation legacy, connecting people with nature to advance the protection of birds, other wildlife and their habitats, and to inspire and mobilize the next generation of conservation stewards who will safeguard the environment on which we all depend.

Flicker has greatly expanded Audubon's network of State Programs, Audubon Centers, Chapters and Important Bird Areas. The organization's field-based network now includes 23 State Programs, more than 40 community Audubon Centers, nearly 500 local Audubon Chapters, and more than 2,000 Important Bird Areas that connect people with nature experiences and conservation opportunities close to home.

Under his Flicker's leadership, Audubon has focused on keeping common birds common and educating the public and decision makers about the important role of birds as indicators of environmental health. Audubon issues authoritative reports on bird trends that help to shape both policy and conservation planning. In 2009, Audubon's headline-making State of the Birds reports became the basis for a broader federal/non-profit coalition analysis, which Flicker announced alongside the Secretary of the Interior and other conservation colleagues.

Engaging diverse communities in nature experiences and conservation action is central to Flicker's vision for Audubon. In response, the organization has launched more than a dozen Audubon Centers in traditionally underserved communities including Los Angeles, New York City, Phoenix, Seattle, San Antonio, Dallas, Baltimore, Little Rock, and Columbus Ohio.

Flicker championed several landscape conservation initiatives to protect critical areas including the Everglades, Long Island Sound, the Mississippi River, the Sage Ecosystem, National Forest Roadless Areas, and the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Flicker also led Audubon into a broad coalition of organizations that address the climate crisis. Audubon's efforts are focused on mobilizing grassroots support for public policy changes that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and advance renewable energy. Audubon's commitment to new efficiency is reflected in the construction of new "green" Centers and the innovative features of its national headquarters office in New York City, which recently received LEED Platinum certification, the highest rating of the U.S. Green Building Association.

Under his leadership, Audubon also formed an alliance with Toyota to launch TogetherGreen, a five-year $20million commitment supporting local conservation action, training and volunteer development projects.

A native of Minnesota, Flicker graduated from the University of Minnesota and William Mitchell College of Law. Prior to joining Audubon, he spent 21 years working for The Nature Conservancy, holding various positions including Florida State Director, General Counsel and Executive Vice President.

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