John J. Collins

Holmes Professor of Old Testament Criticism and Interpretation, Yale University

John J. Collins is Holmes Professor of Old Testament Criticism and Interpretation at Yale University. He previously taught at the University of Chicago and at Notre Dame. He received his Ph. D. from Harvard (1972).

His more recent books include "The Bible after Babel: Historical Criticism in a Postmodern Age" (Eerdmans, 2005), "King and Messiah as Son of God" (Eerdmans, 2008, with Adela Yarbro Collins) and "Beyond the Qumran Community: Sectarian Communities in the Dead Sea Scrolls "(Eerdmans, 2010).

He has served as editor of the Journal of Biblical Literature, of Dead Sea Discoveries and of the Supplement Series to the Journal for the Study of Judaism (Brill) and is currently general editor of the Anchor Bible series for Yale University Press.

He has been president of the Catholic Biblical Association (1997) and president of the Society of Biblical Literature (2002). He is co-editor of "The Encyclopedia of Apocalypticism" (Continuum, 1998), the "Dictionary of Early Judaism" (Eerdmans, 2010) and the "Oxford Handbook of the Dead Sea Scrolls" (Oxford), 2010).

His most recent book is "The Dead Sea Scrolls: A Biography" (Princeton University Press, 2012).

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