John J. Healey

Novelist and screenplay author

John J. Healey was born in New York City. Growing up in the Bronx, Manhattan, Southampton Long Island and Andalusia he currently lives between Spain and the Berkshires. He directed two documentary films: 'Federico García Lorca' and 'The Practice of the Wild.' He studied medicine in Granada, Spain and worked in the motion picture business for fifteen years. His first novel - 'Emily & Herman' - a love story between Emily Dickinson and Herman Melville, was published by Arcade in 2013. His new novel 'The Samurai of Seville,' was published in Spain in April 2016 by Esfera de los Libros and was just published in the USA & Canada by Arcade Publishers, in Germany this December by Random House (Heyne), in Holland by Overamstel and in Macedonia. He has finished a sequel: 'The Samurai's Daughter,' and a new novel 'Giacomo' about James Joyce. 'The Samurai of Seville' has recently been optioned by a team of producers in Los Angeles and Spain for a feature film. The author can be reached via Anna Soler-Pont and María Cardona at the Pontas Literary & Film Agency in Barcelona or by emailing:

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