John Joss

Writer and publisher

John Joss has been writing for 30+ years. After serving in the Royal Navy, he started writing in London for a conglomerate (ICI) and a motorsports magazine. He emigrated to Texas: oilfield engineer for Schlumberger, then technical/promotional writer for Dresser Industries. He moved to San Francisco as advertising/promotion writer for Silicon Valley pioneers Ampex, Fairchild, Hewlett-Packard and Varian Associates before starting his freelance career, working worldwide.

He has created product ‘launches’ for high-tech companies, written websites/ads/collateral for agencies and clients, written/directed editorial and marketing videos (including voice-over work), written speeches for F100 corporations, created winning business/technical proposals worth >$10B for clients worldwide, primarily in information technology and land development, and devised a business-plan format for a dozen Silicon Valley technology startups. He was the first photojournalist to fly, photograph and write about the U-2 'spy plane,' for FLYING magazine. He writes for major media and is m/c-commentator at many events, primarily motorsports and aviation. His commentaries/VO have been broadcast on PBS-TV, BBC-TV and network radio (CBS).

His publishing companies—The Soaring Press and The Practical Press—sold 70,000 copies of 10 books in 35 countries worldwide. His own book writing includes fiction (SIERRA SIERRA, Morrow, New York) and A FULL ACCOUNTING, about the Vietnam War POW/MIA conundrum, and nonfiction (STRIKE, Ballantine, New York) among his 20 novels and non-fiction books. He has edited and helped write the autobiography of Silicon Valley pioneer Abdusalam Qureishi, and has written widely on subjects ranging from high technology and military aviation to human behavior and poetry.

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