John K. Bennett


John K. Bennett started as a pseudo journalist when he began writing in the union news letter expressing his concerns about management of the Detroit Police Department. That eventually led to the development of the website firejerryo, which was named in "honor" of former Police Chief Jerry Oliver. The idea for the firejerryo site came when he saw the outrage being expressed on the Internet by Michigan State football fans over their former coach Bobby Williams. They had a firebobby website. Jerry Oliver was eventually run out of town in 2003. Before leaving he suspended Bennett from the police department because he objected to the website. After his departure the site became Detroituncovered and from 2003 until today Detroituncovered has operated as an instrument of knowledge for Detroiters, those throughout the State of Michigan and as we've learned even many across the country. Detroituncovered has reported on many breaking news stories and been in the lead in breaking some news stories. As the writer and editor of Detroituncovered, Bennett's sole purpose is to be of service to the people of Detroit, providing them with the most accurate news and information about the things that directly affect them. He was born and raised in Detroit and haven't spent a day living outside of the city of Detroit.

The youngest of eleven children, Bennett attended Murray-Wright High School on Detroit's Westside. He graduated from Wayne State University with a Bachelor of Public Affairs and a Master of Public Administration with a concentration in Public Safety from Eastern Michigan University.

He was fired from the Detroit Police Department for nearly 5 years and after a long battle that took him all the way to the Michigan State Court of Appeals he returned to work.

His work has been recognized by the Detroit Metro Times as the best blog in Michigan. He's been a frequent visitor to Fox 2 Detroit’s Let it Rip, Channel 4’s Flashpoint, local and national news papers on matters related to the Detroit Police Department and City Government. In 2009 He ran for Detroit City Council and finished 13th out of 172 candidates.

The journey for righteousness and truth never stops. Freedom fighter Frederick Douglass said "power concedes nothing without a struggle". The struggle to emancipate the psyche of free people rages on.