John McNamara

Writer and Producer

John McNamara was born and raised in Michigan. He attended the University of Michigan and New York University. In 1982, his play, “Present Tense,” won the first annual Young Playwrights’ competition and was produced off-Broadway at the Circle Rep Theatre. With its companion piece, “Personal Effects,” it was later produced at the Manhattan Punchline Theatre and has been performed internationally ever since. <br /> <br /> McNamara is also the author of two children’s books, both published by Delacorte Press while he was a student at NYU, as well as an original teleplay for the CBS Afternoon Playhouse, the rewrites of which caused him to be late with his Art History homework that quarter. He’s not sure but he may still owe a paper on Caravaggio. <br /> <br /> He moved to Los Angeles in 1984 and began a career as a screenwriter, eventually working for Disney, Warner Bros. and Paramount. In 1992, he became a staff writer on the Fox TV series <em>The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.</em> and in 1993 joined ABC’s <em>Lois and Clark</em> as a writer and producer for three years. <br /> <br /> In 1996, he co-created and Executive Produced the critically-acclaimed thriller <em>Profit</em>, followed by <em>Vengeance Unlimited, The Fugitive, Fastlane</em> and <em>Eyes</em>. <br /> <br /> He lives in Los Angeles with his wife Julie and son David. His personal interests include reading slowly, running quickly and scuba diving deeply.