John Robbins 358

Author, 'The New Good Life: Living Better Than Ever in an Age of Less'

John Robbins is the author of The New Good Life: Living Better Than Ever in an Age of Less. His other bestsellers include The Food Revolution and Diet For a New America.

John’s work has been the subject of cover stories and feature articles in The San Francisco Chronicle, The Los Angeles Times, Chicago Life, The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Philadelphia Inquirer, and many of the nation's other major newspapers and magazines. His life and work have also been featured on numerous national and international television broadcasts, including Oprah, and the award winning PBS special titled Diet For A New America.

He is the recipient of the Rachel Carson Award, the Albert Schweitzer Humanitarian Award, Green America’s Lifetime Achievement Award, and the Peace Abbey’s Courage of Conscience Award. When John spoke at the United Nations, he received a standing ovation.

John has been married for 44 years. He and his wife Deo live with their son Ocean and his wife Michele, and their grandsons River and Bodhi, in a solar powered home outside Santa Cruz, California.

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