John Rosenthal

Activist Businessperson

JOHN E. ROSENTHAL John Rosenthal is the President of Meredith Management He is a successful real estate developer and manager in Massachusetts who has distinguished himself in his ability to balance corporate and individual responsibility. John is also very active in community based environmental and renewable energy issues as well as social and economic justice. He has organized and advocated extensively in support of safe and renewable energy and against nuclear power. He has also founded founded several effective nonprofit organizations. In 1987 John started the Friends of Boston’s Homeless ( The Friends is a partnership with the City of Boston, has raised over $20,000,000, serves 800 people every night and helps transition more than 400 formerly homeless men and women in Boston beyond shelter with housing and full-time jobs each year. In October 1995, as a gun owner, recreational Trap Shooter and businessperson John founded Stop Handgun Violence ( The organization has been the lead advocate for Massachusetts’ effective gun violence prevention laws and intiatives and it’s work has been symbolized by the large 252 feet long and 20 feet high iconic billboard that he built on the side of a parking garage along the Massachusetts Turnpike near Boston’s Fenway Park. Massachusetts now has the most effective gun laws, first in the nation consumer protection regulations for firearms and the lowest firearm fatality rate of any state in the Nation. In June 2015, John and former Gloucester Police Chief Leonard Campanello co-founded the Police Assisted Addiction and Recovery Initiative ( ) to support the innovative Gloucester Police Angel program and help other police departments around the Commonwealth and Nation address the deadly epidemic and desease of opioid addiction. Within 18 months of it’s founding the Gloucester Angel Program placed over 530 people into treat, over 300 treatment centers have partnered offering scholarship beds and over 200 police departments across the Country have replicated all or parts of the Angel program, placing an estimated 10,000 people into treatment. 2015 Eastern Bank Wainwright Social Justice Award Tribute Video