John Selby

Psychologist, author and mind management consultant

John Selby is an author, executive counselor, researcher, videographer, marketing consultant, and awareness-management pioneer. He is the author of over two dozen self-help, spiritual-growth, business-success and psychology books published in 14 languages with over half a million books in print.

Early in his career he conducted mind-management research for NIH and the New Jersey Neuro-Psychiatric Institute, and explored innovative approaches to stress relief, insomnia treatment, cognitive shifting and short-form meditation. Educated at Princeton University, UC Berkeley, The Graduate Theological Union, and the Radix Institute, John spent two decades working as a therapist and mindfulness coach, while continuing with research into more effective cognitive methods for quieting the mind and maintaining a more alert, relaxed, enjoyable present-moment focus.

Among his numerous psychological innovations are Focus Phrase stress-reduction technologies; Cognitive Shifting techniques; ‘Quiet Mind’ Experiential Video formulas and applications; and his recent pragmatic advancement of Charles Haanel’s early mindfulness/manifestation techniques into new format and application.

John is the Professional Host and content director for a forthcoming national Nurse Mindfulness/Safety training program based on his Focus Phrase methods. He is currently developing special Experiential Video programs for Hospice and hospital-room wellness TV programming (through, and producing a unique video-immersion program for natural inner healing. Working with Michael Sinel of UCLA Med School, John has also developed pain-relief and stress-relief programs for the general public.

Raised on cattle ranches in California and Arizona, John brings a unique perspective to psychological studies, focusing on the invention and application of pragmatic methodologies that cut through academic theory to expose the operational nuts and bolts of consciousness management. His Executive Genius and Take Charge Of Your Mind texts and set of at-work mindfulness programs have been put to work at corporate-consulting companies such as Senn Delaney Leadership Inc, and he has advised Fortune 500 companies (Alliance Insurance, Blue Shield, United Airlines, etc) in creating high-awareness environments and performance.

Searching for ‘out of the box’ solutions to emotional suffering and psychosomatic illness, John spent a number of years researching native cultures in Arizona, Mexico, Guatemala and South Africa, identifying unusual approaches to mindfulness and emotional wellbeing that have helped advance his evolving theories and techniques.

John’s books include Expand This Moment, Tapping The Source, Secrets Of A Good Night’s Sleep; Take Charge Of Your Mind; Kundalini Awakening; Seven Masters, One Path; Let Love Find You; Conscious Healing; Quiet Your Mind, Listening With Empathy; Finding Each Other; and Executive Genius.

With Birgitta Steiner at BedRock Productions, John has recently produced a set of guided DVDs including: Tapping The Source: The Master Process; Expand This Moment: Quiet Mind; Natural Inner Healing; Falling Asleep; and Insight Dreaming.

John lives and works in California. HYis primary website and blog address is:

He can be reached at