John Tepper Marlin

President, Boissevain Books LLC

John Tepper Marlin, Ph.D., is President of Boissevain Books LLC, which publishes memoirs, biographies and children's books. He blogs about these topics and about regional politics and economic policy.

In 2009-11 he was Senior Economist for the Joint Economic Committee of the Congress in Washington, DC; earlier in his career he served as an economist in the Federal Reserve Board, the SBA and the FDIC. From 1992 to 2006 he served as Chief Economist to three New York City Comptrollers. For 20 years he served as President and CEO of the Council on Municipal Performance and JTM Reports.

He is a graduate of Harvard (A.B. cum laude), Oxford (BA, MA) and George Washington (Ph.D. in economics) Universities.