John W. McCarthy

Civic Innovator & Democratic Strategist

John McCarthy is a civic innovator, democratic strategist and philanthropic advisor. He works with campaigns, governments, and non-profits to build strong coalitions to solve complex problems.

He has worked at the intersection of politics and public policy having worked in various government and campaign capacities. He has worked on Capitol Hill, as a National Co-Chair of Catholics for Obama--a constituency group of the President's re-election campaign, and is now a private political and non-profit consultant.

A leading voice on inclusive democracy and civic engagement, he served as the Executive Director of Future Civic Leaders—a national, non-partisan, non-profit that works to bridge the civic engagement gap by empowering low-income students to actively participate in Government. Also, he is a founding member of the ACT Foundation's ACE Research Network which is developing a research agenda focused on low-income working learners and the issues they face in accessing and succeeding in learning opportunities. He was the first Director of Social Innovation Programming at Impact Hub D.C. where his work focused on creating programs for citizen entrepreneurs to solve civic problems and build a more inclusive democracy. .

John is a frequent media resource on Democratic Politics, Civic Innovation, and Faith in Public Life.

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