Fay M. Johnson

Entrepreneur. Speaker. Social Change Strategist.

A humanitarian at heart and entrepreneur by nature, Fay M. Johnson is the new breed of change maker—one who believes we can live well while also doing good. A child of two realities—born in Apartheid South Africa and raised in Silicon Valley during the boom—Fay integrates her commitment for social change with the belief that business can and should create positive change. For too long, social activism has been represented by those who choose to opt-out of the system. Fay brings a fresh perspective that encourages people to opt-in—for good labor practices, environmental stewardship, human rights, and other pressing issues. Fay understands that each decision we make can lead to a better world, but those decisions don’t need to be in favor of austerity or against comfort. Her mission is to share this empowering belief so that others can join in the movement to build a better tomorrow. Fay has lived and worked in Hungary, India, Ethiopia, Kenya, the United States and South Africa. These experiences embedded the deep belief that we are all part of one large global village. Fay is an expert in Behavior Change Communication and Human Centered Design and consults to influencers, businesses, governments, and non-profits on how to leverage their resources effectively to create change.