Jon Wortmann

Author of 5 Books including Hijacked by Your Brain

Jon Wortmann is an executive and mental coach, minister and speaker, and best-selling author of five books. A graduate of Harvard Divinity School, his books have been #1 best sellers in 22 categories on Amazon. Mastering Communication at Work reached #1 in 13 categories including leadership, management, and communication. Hijacked by Your Brain reached #1 in 9 categories including psychology, stress management, and health and fitness. He is mental coach for men's golf and tennis at the University of Connecticut. He is professor of Coaching Philosophy and Ethics at the Institute for Rowing Leadership. As head coach of Team GQ, he works with golfers on the PGA,, PGA Latin America and PGA Tour Canada. His work has been featured in O magazine, Elle, Links magazine, Fox, Fast Company, The Globe and Mail, and Psychology Today. His books also include Mindfulness Is Sublime, Your Brain on Golf, and The Three Commitments of Leadership (McGraw-Hill).