Jonas Elrod

Director, '<a href="">Wake Up</a>'

Jonas Elrod has been in the film industry for the last 10 years working as Producer/Director on various projects including documentaries, music videos, commercials and short films.

Based in New York, Jonas co-ran the award winning production company Rockhard Films. During his time there, Jonas worked on all aspects of production ranging from Director/Producer and Editor. Focusing primarily on music videos and commercials, he worked with top artist/clients such as Jay-Z, Justin Timberlake, Nike, ESPN and Spike Lee. In the winter of 2003, Jonas began producing his first feature documentary BEARS. He traveled across the country for two years working on this film shooting over 200 hours of footage. The film played the festival circuit and is gearing up for release.

His second documentary, WAKE UP, follows his own personal journey looking for spiritual truth and meaning after going through a very radical spiritual awakening.

Jonas is represented by HumbleTV, working as a commercial/video director. He is currently hard at work on his follow-up feature JUNE’S LAST WISH.

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