Jonathan Galland

Health and Environment Educator and CEO

Jonathan Galland is CEO of <a href=""></a>, an extensive online resource featuring the wisdom of leading doctors who share the powerful healing concepts of integrated medicine. Sign up for the <a href="">free newsletter</a> to get healthy updates, connect with him on <a href="">Linkedin</a>, join Pill Advised on <a href="">Facebook</a>, and watch videos on <a href="">YouTube</a>. <br /> <br /> Jonathan Galland is a health writer who created over 100 recipes for the anti-inflammatory program developed with his father Dr. Leo Galland in their book <a href=";camp=14573&amp;creative=327641&amp;linkCode=as1&amp;creativeASIN=0767920538&amp;adid=1V9740T70GVX2T1P05WF&amp;&amp;">The Fat Resistance Diet</a>. Their book has been featured on the cover of Fitness, Glamour Italia, and Women's World and in publications such as The Washington Post, Body and Soul, Self and The Wall Street Journal. Jonathan’s work has been featured on and Bottomline Health and he has done numerous radio interviews including an appearance on Martha Stewart Living Radio.