Jordana Jaffe

Founder of Magical Business Academy

Jordana Jaffe is the co-founder of Magical Business Academy, a company she created with her wife, Gena. She helps women entrepreneurs build a community of their ideal clients, raving fans and kindred spirits by teaching them how to create + grow their own super engaged, mega love-filled Facebook group. In October 2014, Jordana was inspired to gather her own online community, and only months later, her group has grown to over 1500 women. She supports her clients in designing a business and life that feels good to them, that honors their body's rhythms and that feels aligned with their deep desires. She doesn't believe in cookie cutter anything or that there is only one "right" business model to follow. You can connect with Jordana and the women in her free Facebook group, which she endearingly calls the magical playground, here: and receive her guide, "How I Created a Super Engaged Facebook Group of Over 1400 Women Entrepreneurs in 4 Months - and How You Can Too" here -