José Caraballo-Cueto

Jose Caraballo-Cueto has a Ph.D. in economics, works as a professor in the University of Puerto Rico at Cayey, and is the director of the Census Information Center.

José Caraballo-Cueto completed a Ph.D. in economics at The New School for Social Research in 2013, where he specialized in econometrics (a branch of statistics) and development, obtaining honors in the latter. He had more than 45 presentations in academic conferences in different countries. He has presented in the American States Organization and in the United Nations where he presented a new way of measuring civic engagement in 2012 and, during the second time, he analyzed the economic development of the Dominican Republic in the International Day of Poverty Eradication in 2013. He won a fellowship from the Global Foundation for Democracy and Development based in New York and other grants to study development-related topics. Caraballo currently works as an Assistant Professor of Statistics in the University of Puerto Rico at Cayey, where he is also a regular researcher in the Institute for Interdisciplinary Research and the Director of the Census Information Center (CIC). He is the president elect of the Puerto Rico Association of Economists. Dr. Caraballo is the General Coordinator of the first Human Development Report of Puerto Rico, a multi-sectoral research project done in tandem with the United Nations. He also works as a Statistical Project Manager in the Puerto Rico Institute of Statistics, where he was Chair of the Subcommittee of Economic Statistics and was in charge of many relevant projects. He is a member of several academic associations and has published one book, eight academic articles, and more than 70 op-eds in Puerto Rico and in international outlets.

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