Joseph Mantegna

Founder, Zooma Zooma Corp.

Joseph Mantegna is the founder and president of Zooma Zooma Corp. Since 1993, the company has specialized in feature film documentaries, commercials, and music videos. After meeting President Clinton, Mantegna was chosen to direct a film that explores the ongoing search for solutions for AIDS, world hunger, and religious tolerance for his organization, the CLINTON GLOBAL INITIATIVE. The film was introduced by President Clinton on Larry King/ CNN. In 2008 Mantegna’s feature film debut, P-Town Diaries premiered at Newfest in New York City. The film is an exploration of the lives and history of the art and writing community in Provincetown, MA, and is currently airing on LOGO/Viacom entertainment. Mantegna also produced an anti-defamation message for GLAAD with actor/activist Alan Cumming, who received The Vito Russo Award for Outstanding Achievement.

In 2003 Mantegna produced the film Truth in Advertising, which is a blunt revelation of the inner thoughts of advertising companies speaking their minds. The film exploded on the web and became a worldwide viral phenomenon with millions of viewers emailing the link. Other commercials that Mantegna produced included the ground breaking commercial "This is your brain on drugs," which is included in the MoMA Permanent Collection, and other notable campaigns for advertisers such as Nike, Target, Coca-Cola, Kodak, Sony, Revlon, Chrysler, Volkswagen, McDonalds ,Cover Girl, AT&T, Hershey¹s, Absolut and the New York Yankees.

Mantegna's latest project is a documentary entitled NORMAN MAILER: THE AMERICAN, which is an in-depth look at the life and times of Mailer: the man, social critic, playwright, actor, director, journalist and two-time Pulitzer Prize author. The film has garnished three Best Documentary Awards at the Ft. Lauderdale Film Festival, Orlando Film Festival and California Film Festival.

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