Josh Rushing

Host, 'Fault Lines' on Al Jazeera (

Josh Rushing co-hosts Fault Lines, Al Jazeera English's flagship<br /> current affairs program about the Americas, he just returned from <br /> Kirkuk, Iraq, where he went to film an election preview, but instead <br /> discovered a brewing civil war. <br /> <br /> As an international correspondent, Rushing has hosted and produced<br /> programs all over the world--from war-torn Iraq to drug-fueled<br /> Colombia to bomb-laden Laos. Rushing's coverage in 2009 tackled issues<br /> such as the criminalization of the mentally ill in America by<br /> reporting from one of the nation's largest psychiatric units, the<br /> Harris County Jail in Houston, Texas, and the rise of dominionist<br /> Christians in the U.S. military. Multiple trips to Afghanistan saw him<br /> embedded with U.S. Marines in the Helmand Providence on the eve of<br /> Afghanistan's historic national elections and later in the Wardak<br /> Providence to challenge reports that the Taliban's control had reached<br /> the "Gates of Kabul".<br /> <br /> Rushing released his first book in 2007, Mission Al Jazeera: Build a<br /> Bridge, Seek the Truth, Change the World, published by<br /> Palgrave-MacMillan. The book blends his personal story with a unique<br /> behind-the-scenes look into the controversial Al Jazeera broadcast<br /> networks.<br /> <br /> A former U.S. Marine captain with 15 years of service, Rushing served<br /> as a spokesperson at Central Command in Doha, Qatar, during Operation<br /> Iraqi Freedom. Unbeknownst to him, an independent film, Control Room,<br /> captured his efforts to communicate the American message on Al<br /> Jazeera. The documentary debuted at the Sundance Film Festival in 2004<br /> and enjoyed theatrical release across the world.<br /> <br /> Every major news outlet has covered Rushing's career: The Today Show,<br /> Anderson Cooper 360, The O'Reilly Factor, NPR's Fresh Air and All<br /> Things Considered, Fast Company magazine (cover), GQ, the LA Times<br /> (front page), USA Today (front page), The New York Times, The Wall<br /> Street Journal, and countless more.<br /> <br /> Rushing has 3 sons, 1 daughter and a very understanding wife.

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