Joshua Stokes

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The Goal of the Grill-a-Chef Project: To get more people in their own kitchens and keep them there. Instilling the freedom to see a great meal through a pile of ingredients and empowering them to fill tummies everywhere with great food.
Hailing from the Midwest, Josh’s affection for food was cultivated in a cornfield, not the kitchen. No frills food was his upbringing. He always enjoyed eating growing up, but his vocation didn’t make itself known until a college spring break trip to New Orleans saw his booze budget being funneled into restaurants instead. He was hooked. In 1999 Joshua took a 6 month hiatus from his pursuit of a sculpture degree to test the waters of professional cooking. 11 years hence, he's still in the kitchen.

By the end of 2008, Joshua was on the hunt for something more meaningful to do with his trade. Thus was born Grill-a-Chef, an organization built around helping people help themselves cook and eat better.

He sets up tables at markets around town and simply dishes out cooking advice to whoever needs it, you can go see him yourself. He also has blog and a newsletter set up to extend the service to everybody.

If you find yourself in a kitchen quandary you can email him anytime at