Joy Marini, MS, PA-C

Executive Director, Maternal, Newborn and Child Health Corporate Contributions, Johnson & Johnson

Joy Hamilton Marini is an Executive Director of Corporate Contributions at Johnson & Johnson, a position she assumed in 2007. Ms. Marini leads the company’s global philanthropy focused on improving health for women and girls. She is responsible for international programs on maternal and infant health, gender-based violence and gender inequality, and economic empowerment of women as part of the company’s Commitment to the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Ms. Marini has been instrumental in developing sustainable partnerships to save newborn lives, most notably for addressing birth asphyxia through training neonatal birth attendants. Ms. Marini is driven in her work by her passion to support maternal and infant health.

Ms. Marini can be found on Twitter: @joymarini. Additional information about Ms. Marini can be found at: