Jordan Reeves began his career and learned how to serve people as a customer service intern at Walt Disney World. Then, he gained a deep love and appreciation for education as a science teacher in Alabama. He landed in New York City where he strengthened his entrepreneurial chops as a founding member of TED's education initiative, TED-Ed. After TED, he held freelance positions across industries, learning everything from digital strategy best practices to budget building and human resources management. Then, Jordan decided to try and change the world one coming out story at a time. As founder and CEO of VideoOut, he is building an exhaustive library of LGBTQ coming out stories. He wants VideoOut to be known for amplifying the real voices of the LGBTQ Community and leading the way in quality content creation across the spectrum of LGBTQ interests. Jordan hopes that VideoOut will one day offer fellowships and mentoring to tomorrow’s brightest LGBTQ leaders. Held as a joyful force for the LGBTQ Community, Jordan's insights have been shared on the TEDx stage and on Huffington Post. Though his energy is primarily devoted to unconditionally loving the LGBTQ Community, he says, "There's always time to love more people, but there's never time to hate." He's optimistic: "One day, we'll all stand together, united in love, regardless of who we are or where we've come from."