John Toomey

Professional Speaker, Writer, Wellness Thought Leader and Avatar Master

I am a Queenslander who lives in Melbourne. Born on a Cattle Station out near Roma, we moved around a bit first to a dairy farm, a country pub and finally, at the age of 10, we left the bush and my Dad took over a pub in the heart of Collingwood, an inner suburban, working class part of Melbourne. I suppose after that change, nothing really shocks me, so I am a pretty relaxed customer. As a kid, I loved Football and Cricket and loved being fit. I had a crack at every sport. Underneath all of that was a deep sense of wonder. My religious education didn’t give me the answers so I developed a ‘yearning for learning’; to find out; to know. Whether it was the pub upbringing, or something in my genes, I developed a capacity to use words to help others to understand. With a passion for story-telling and a deep desire to explore, I went down many roads. Since completing my Phys. Ed. degree in 1981, I have served 7 AFL teams as either a conditioning coach and/or nutritionist, partially completed a Masters, I’ve written books, e-books, 100’s of articles, lectured in Universities, studied with people who live on the edge of discovery and have presented over 2000 seminars in the corporate arena. I currently serve on the RMIT School of Health Sciences Program Advisory Committee. My quest for answers led me to The Avatar Course where I found completion in my search for understanding. I now teach the course in Australia, NZ and the US. I have been married twice, have a wonderful son and two incredible step daughters, I hope my writing inspires you. In 2015 I was invited to attend The Global Wellness Summit in Mexico City where I presented on Engaging Men, also attended the GWS in Tirol, Austria in 2016 and will be going to the GWS again this year in Palm Beach, Florida.

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