Judith Johnson

I am an author, mentor and speaker who helps others to raise their consciousness so they can thrive from the inside out.

All my life, I have been exploring wisdom teachings from around the world with a particular fascination for the dynamics of consciousness. Now, as an author, mentor and speaker, my work is built upon the belief that beauty, creative expression, wisdom, and loving kindness are more the result of learning how to weather the disturbances of our lives than from avoiding them. As a mentor, I created The Thriving Studio™ for women to pay loving attention to how they get in their own way and to find the answers they need to change how they see both themselves and the world. By doing so, they can consciously practice and evolve until living their Truth becomes their ART. In my work with couples, whether designing and officiating at their wedding ceremony or working with them in my Couple's Mentorship Program, I seek to inspire them with the message that love is indeed the first and most sacred priority of their marriage. As a writer, exploring consciousness, weddings and marriage, or dying and death - my goal is to provide a comprehensive understanding of the issues at hand and a desire to do our best in meeting the challenges, trials and triumphs of our lives. Here's what I am really passionate about: -Living life as a spiritual being having a human experience. -Celebrating our oneness while honoring our differences. -Choosing to stay conscious in the present moment in a state of loving. -Exploring and balancing the multiple dimensions of our being. -Bringing forward more joy, grace, ease, fun and authenticity. To learn more about what I am up to, please visit my website at