Judy Katz


At the start of her long and successful writing and communications career Judy Katz served as Associate Editor on two McGraw Hill publications and wrote freelance feature articles for many women’s and general interest magazines. She served as PR Director for Madison Square Garden and the New York March of Dimes. In 1987 she founded her own PR firm, Katz Creative. In 2004 she founded and has since successfully ghostwritten or edited 40 books in every genre, from business books and company histories to books on health, memoirs and even novels. Given her background, her authors often hire her to market their books. To that end her clients have appeared on every top talk show, from Oprah to the Today Show, and been featured in the WSJ, NYT, LA Times, on Bloomberg TV, and countless other print, broadcast and social media outlets, including every appropriate outlet in the vast blogosphere. Her own popular blog, which appears on the Huffington Post and in The Three Tomatoes newsletter, is called “Online Dating for the Perfect Act 3.” Judy also regularly speaks to groups about the process of becoming an author. Her signature talk is titled "Writing, Publishing and Promoting Your Book to Build Your Business or Your Brand.”