Judy Rickard

Author, 'Torn Apart: United by Love, Divided by Law'

Judy Rickard, author of Torn Apart: United by Love, Divided by Law (Findhorn Press, 2011), has worked to promote civil rights since 1973 as a lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights activist. She has extensive experience working with politicians and educators in San Jose/Santa Clara County, Calif., where she lives. Speaking engagements, a blog, and a website continue her advocacy for comprehensive immigration reform that will include the recognition of same-sex binational couples and their families in the United States. She is a pioneer in applying for a green card for her wife, UK national Karin Bogliolo, with The DOMA Project. She is also a volunteer/contributor with/to lgbtSr, Immigration Equality, Love Exiles Foundation, Out4Immigration, DeVote Campaign, American Immigration Council.