Julia Torres Barden

Author, 'Newyoricangirl…Surviving my Spanglish Life'

Julia Torres Barden is an award-winning Journalist, Author, former corporate spokesperson for a major media company and a political player. She is also a contributor on Huff Post Live, best known for appearances related to advocacy of her family’s native Puerto Rico, her recovery from an abduction and rape when she was nine years old and her traumatic assimilation experience while being raised in New York City. Julia discusses these subjects candidly in her memoir, “Newyoricangirl…Surviving my Spanglish Life,” which she penned in 2013 and received accolades for. After struggling with Race and identity issues for most of her life, Julia launched her NEWYORICANGIRL.COM website in 2012 with the desire to educate and enlighten others about how blisteringly painful the American assimilation process can be, while also featuring her advocacy efforts for equal voting rights for her brethren - Puerto Rico’s residents - who remain banned from voting for their own President of the United States despite their U.S. citizenship. She openly discusses her formal PTSD diagnosis and road to recovery on her website, as well. Julia is a proud mother of three adult sons who inspire her to keep fighting to eradicate negative stereotypes about who we are as Hispanics. Visit her Facebook page, Newyoricangirl News & Views to keep up on issues related to her Puerto Rican community.

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