Julie Cohen, PCC

Executive Coach, CEO: Work. Life. Leader. and Author: Your Work, Your Life…Your Way: 7 Keys to Work-Life Balance

Work. Life. Leader. CEO and founder Julie Cohen, PCC is a nationally recognized authority on career management, work-life balance and leadership development. She is the author of Your Work. Your Life…Your Way: 7 Keys to Work-Life Balance, a contributor to Working Mother, and a columnist with The Philadelphia Business Journal. Her work has been highlighted in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post. She is also a monthly guest expert on Wharton Business Radio’s “Career Talk”. An astute observer with 20+ years experience in career and leadership development, Julie adeptly identifies workplace shifts that impact employee satisfaction, success and retention, and responds with innovative programs and ideas for employers and employees. Julie developed Work. Life. Leader. (WLL) to respond to the desire of a new generation of leaders to fully engage with family, friends, community and interests, and excel professionally. WLL provides 12 months of executive coaching, collaborative group coaching and focused training on topics relevant to career, personal and leadership growth, while helping participants form a cohesive peer group of similarly situated professionals. Julie’s Your Work. Your Life…Your Way: 7 Keys to Work-Life Balance, was lauded by best-selling management author David Allen as “an easily digestible manual for tackling the ever-thorny issue about managing the quality of our work and personal lives.” The book and its accompanying workbook brought Julie’s system for identifying, clarifying and rectifying the challenges of work-life balance to a mass audience. Julie resides near Philadelphia with her husband, son and beagle. She practices self-care through yoga, meditation, daily workouts, occasional naps and learning the soundtrack to Hamilton. Engage with Julie at or www.facebook/com/WorkLifeLeader. Find her on Twitter: @jccoach and @worklifeleader1.