Julie Buckner

Marketing & media maven; change agent; yogini; single mom

Julie Buckner is a disciplined strategist who leads from the heart, deeply committed to public service and personal practice. Approaching the big Five-Oh, she's actively working to embrace and integrate her thirty years of executive leadership experience in corporate communications; marketing and branding; public affairs and policy development; political media consulting; and small business ownership, most recently as founder of mid-sized, community-centered yoga studio and school, where she served as a yoga and personal growth educator. Based in Los Angeles, Julie is a California native with broad and deep expertise in California politics, policy and public affairs. For 20 years, she was involved – often successfully! – in nearly every election cycle (1990-2010), working for candidates at all levels, independent expenditure committees, and on high-profile, controversial non-partisan ballot measures. She grew her craft as a strategist, manager and spokesperson by serving in a variety of capacities – from assistant press secretary to communications director to media consultant. In off-cycle years, Julie worked in executive positions at leading public affairs, media relations & crisis management firms. In her work on progressive policy and issues, Julie’s been pitted against Big Oil, Big Ag, the religious right, land developers, chemical companies, polluters and the banking and insurance industries. Julie’s specialty is with women leaders; her passion is for issues related to economic, social and health justice and progress for women and girls. A recognized commentator and spokesperson known for her direct, down-to-earth style, Julie has been a guest on national TV, including the Oprah Winfrey Show, and has appeared across California on local television and radio news and public affairs programs. Over the years, Julie has been a go-to source for national and California’s leading. She writes about the political and the personal for Huffington Post and other blogs. In 2010, Julie took a detour from politics, started spending more time with her kids and opened a small, community-based yoga center and school. Although a dedicated partisan, a strong supporter of Hillary Clinton and an advocate for her candidacy, she’s no longer a paid operative; therefore, she operates in a “spin free” zone, freed from the political playbooks and talking points. She brings her own unique California voice – not the usual Washington, Sacramento, Los Angeles City Hall stuff. She shows up, says what’s on her mind and tells it like it is with her own style; she's not power suits & pearls, yoga pants & mala beads, just as she is. An LA-native and original Valley Girl, she is a cum laude graduate of UC Berkeley, and has two teenage sons. She loves cooking, gardening, traveling, rock climbing, interior design and fashion (shoes, especially).