Julie R Enszer

Poet and Scholar

Julie R. Enszer, PhD, is a scholar and poet. Her book manuscript,<i> A Fine Bind: Lesbian-Feminist Publishing from 1969 through 2009,</i> tells stories a dozen lesbian-feminist publishers to consider the meaning of the theoretical and political formations of lesbian-feminism, separatism, and cultural feminism. She is the author of <i>Avowed</i> (Sibling Rivalry Press, 2016), <i>Lilith's Demons</i> (A Midsummer Night's Press 2015), <i>Sisterhood</i> (Sibling Rivalry Press, 2013) and <i>Handmade Love</i> (A Midsummer Night’s Press, 2010), and editor of <i>Milk & Honey: A Celebration of Jewish Lesbian Poetry</i> (A Midsummer Night’s Press, 2011). <i>Milk & Honey</i> was a finalist for the Lambda Literary Award in Lesbian Poetry. She has her MFA and PhD from the University of Maryland. She is the editor of <i>Sinister Wisdom</i>, a multicultural lesbian literary and arts journal, and a regular book reviewer for <i>The Rumpus</i> and <i>Calyx.</i> You can read more of her work at