Justin P. Oberman

Transport and Homeland Security Consultant; Former TSA Assistant Administrator

Justin Oberman lives in Chicago and advises companies in the transportation and security sectors. He has spent his career in transportation, including more than four years at the U.S. Departments of Transportation and Homeland Security. Justin is a Fellow of the Truman National Security Project and in the Emerging Leaders Program of the Chicago Council on Global Affairs. He can be reached at

Justin served as a member of the homeland security policy committee for President Obama’s campaign and on the campaign economic development committee for the new President of the Cook County (IL) government. Justin is a Truman National Security Project Fellow. Justin was a candidate for Illinois State Treasurer in February 2010.

Justin was a founding member of TSA. He later served as an Assistant TSA Administrator responsible for more than a dozen programs covering airline passengers, flight crews, general aviation pilots, airport and seaport terminal employees, and workers in all modes of transportation. Additionally, Justin co-chaired a working group for Secretary Chertoff on DHS reform.