Kerrie L. Cooper

Founder + author of kindred. ( sharing true stories + workshops to heal, inspire and encourage. dedicating profits for one-to-one giving just when it is needed most.

Kerrie is the founder of Kindred. Kindred shares true stories to heal, inspire and encourage, and uses 50% of its profits and 100% of donations for organic giving - meaningful contributions just when it's needed it most. A Nashville resident for more than 20 years, Kerrie’s career prior to Kindred was as a marketing strategist with major consumer brands and rock, pop, jazz and country stars. As Kindred’s founder, Kerrie devotes most of her time connecting with people who have life experiences worth sharing. In addition to personally writing Kindred’s Anthologies, she also blogs for Huffington Post, Thrive Global, Medium and Sivana East. Along the way she looks for authentic reasons to help those who may be struggling through some of life’s more difficult challenges so that she can put Kindred’s Giving Fund to good use. That’s the heart of Kindred. And her heart, too.

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