Karen Berg

Spiritual Director, Kabbalah Centre International

Karen Berg is the spiritual leader and Director of Kabbalah Centre
International, Inc. Founded in 1922, KCI is a non-profit organization
leading the way to bringing Kabbalah to everyone who wants to learn. She is the founder of The Kabbalah Centre Charitable Foundation, which works to reduce the impact of global poverty and natural disasters; Spirituality for Kids, an organization empowering at-risk kids and teens. Karen is especially passionate about Kids Creating Peace, the initiative that teaches SFK principles to children who are caught in war-torn areas of the world. She is author of the groundbreaking God Wears Lipstick: Kabbalah for Women, and Simple Light, a collection of insights on Kabbalah. Karen speaks to audiences around the world and her most recent appearances include: Mastering the Ultimate Challenges with Donna Karan; The 2009 Women's Conference presented by Maria Shriver; and The Power of Peace Conference with Dr. Jehan Sedat.