Karen Dawn

Founder of the animal advocacy nonprofit DawnWatch, and author of "Thanking the Monkey: Rethinking the Way we Treat Animals."

Karen Dawn founded and runs the the animal advocacy nonprofit media watch, Her opinion pieces have been published in the Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, New York Newsday and the UK Guardian, and she writes occasionally for The Progressive Magazine. You'll find a full list of her published work at Karen Dawn's first book, "Thanking the Monkey: Rethinking the Way We Treat Animals" (Harper Collins, 2008) a general handbook on animal advocacy issues was included by the Washington Post on a list as one of the best books of the year. The fully updated e-edition came out in 2014. As a spokesperson for the animal rights movement Karen Dawn has appeared on all of the major US news networks. She is frequently featured at Thanksgiving, discussing her annual turkey rescue. She has hosted talk shows on major radio stations, including Watchdog, which ran for two seasons on the Los Angeles Pacifica station, KPFK.