Karen Kisslinger

Practitioner of classical Chinese acupuncture and related healing arts.

Karen Kisslinger has been practicing classical Chinese acupuncture and related healing arts for almost 30 years. Coming from a tradition which emphasizes preventive medicine and way of life, her work has involved much teaching and writing in recent years. Her workshops, lectures and retreats at schools and other organizations have come to encompass health promotion through meditation, chi-kung, organic gardening, yoga, singing, relaxation, balanced and happy eating and general stress reduction This work empowers students and patients toward healthy and conscious living in an enjoyable yet profound way. She is the meditation and contemplative practice instructor for the retreat center of the Woodhull Institute for Ethical Leadership. She writes a regular "Way of Life" column for the Healthy Living section of the Poughkeepsie Journal, has written for national magazines, and has a daily radio show on WKZE in the Mid-Hudson Valley called: "Time to Relax." She has a recently released CD entitled: "First, Just Listen - Guided Relaxation and Meditation." Believing that compassion is the only trustworthy and true source of power, she is deeply committed to helping promote the skills and traits of consciousness which become part of a living ethically, compassionately and healthfully.