Karen Russell

Attorney, Activist and Blogger

A graduate of <strong>Harvard Law School</strong>, Karen Russell frequently appears on <strong>CNN, MSNBC </strong>and <strong>TruTV</strong> - as a legal and political analyst dissecting high-profile trials and debating national political issues. She thanks you for helping to <a href="">free Genarlow Wilson</a>.<br /> <br /> Karen’s appeared on several national radio and television shows like: <strong>“Anderson Cooper 360”, “Scarborough Country”, “The Abrams Report”, “The Most with Alison Stewart”, “Verdict With Dan Abrams”, </strong>and <strong>“American Morning”.</strong> Karen provided legal commentary on several high-profile cases including: Michael Jackson, Scott Peterson, Kobe Bryant, Jayson Williams, and the Duke Lacrosse Rape Case.<br /> <br /> Karen is the proud daughter of the <strong>NBA </strong>legend, Bill Russell. <strong>HBO Sports </strong>named Bill <strong>“The Greatest Winner in the 20th Century”</strong> and Karen incorporates his winning team leadership principles into her corporate leadership training. <br /> <br /> Karen works as an attorney, corporate trainer and political strategist. Karen helps employers create a positive work environment, boost productivity and resolve employment issues before they become lawsuits. <br /> <br /> Karen produced <strong>The Bill Russell Tribute </strong>– a benefit for the <strong>National Mentoring Partnership</strong>. Hosted by Bill Cosby, the tribute featured Tom Brokaw, Jim Brown, Frank Deford, Aretha Franklin, and Johnny Mathis plus over thirty of the <strong>NBA’s “Fifty Greatest Players” </strong>including: Larry Bird, Wilt Chamberlain, and Julius Erving. She has also appeared on <strong>HBO’s “Bill Russell: My Life, My Way”, ESPN Sports Century</strong>, and the <strong>Sundance Channel’s Iconoclasts </strong>episode <strong>“Bill Russell and Samuel L. Jackson”</strong>. <br /> <br /> As a member of the <strong>Writer’s Guild of America</strong>, Karen wrote for <strong>NBC’s</strong> sitcom <strong>“The Single Guy” </strong>and co-produced the comedy<strong> "Good Luck Chuck" </strong>starring Dane Cook and Jessica Alba which opens this fall. Karen also wrote <strong>“Growing Up With Privilege And Prejudice” </strong>a cover story for the <strong>New York Times Sunday Magazine</strong>. The <strong>Seattle Times </strong>featured her civil rights op-ed <strong>“Continuing Our Parents' Struggle for Justice”</strong>. <br /> <br /> Previously, Karen represented writers and directors at United Talent Agency in Beverly Hills and served as Executive Director of <strong>Artists for a New South Africa. </strong>Karen has also worked as the West and Mid-West Finance Director for the<strong> Democratic National Committee </strong>and as the Development Director for the <strong>Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Center for Human Rights</strong>. <br /> <br /> Karen enjoys public speaking, especially moderating panels. Highlights include: <br /> <br /> • <strong>Washington Women Lawyers</strong>: “Civil Rights Symposium” <br /> • <strong>ABA Conference for the Minority Lawyer</strong>: “Celebrity Justice: Press Freedom and Fair Trials” <br /> • <strong>Washington State Women’s Political Caucus Training</strong>: “The Power of Inclusion: Organizing Ethnic Groups” and “Connecting with Communities of Color - Outreach That Works” <br /> • <strong>Texas Diversity Conference</strong>: "Diversity in the Legal Profession" and "Making Partner"<br /> • <strong>The White House Project: “Vote, Run, Lead”</strong> Washington State Candidate Training<br /> • <strong>OneWorld Now!: </strong>Global Leadership Dinner featuring keynote speaker Bill Gates Sr.<br /> • <strong>Seattle Association of Black Journalists:</strong> "Media Access Workshop"<br /> • <strong>National Association Of Black Journalists: </strong>Is the NBA Age Limit Racist or Smart Business? <br /> • <strong>American Civil Liberties Union:</strong> September Project “Unconstitutional” and The Patriot Act