Karen Talavera

Accidental Seeker, Traveler, and Writer

I call myself an "Accidental Seeker" because after years of living a stereotypical conformist American life, I stumbled into spiritual awakening and an unconventional journey of spiritual growth which transformed my beliefs, self understanding, and world view. A writer, entrepreneur, mother and avid international traveler, I draw on the experiences of everyday life which many consider mundane to illustrate and illuminate opportunities for conscious living. My blog of the same name, The Accidental Seeker, shares insightful takes on our shared inner and outer journeys and my own adventures in travel, personal growth, healing and awakening. It offers guidance, community and insight for those who are intentionally or unintentionally navigating a path of spiritual exploration. I am passionate about inspiring conscious evolution in small, personal ways and delight in helping people embrace transformation through the present moment – especially the mundane, haphazard, and chaotic “now” of everyday life. My writing has appeared on Huffington Post since 2009; I've also been a regular contributor to Divine Caroline and Elephant Journal.