Karla Erickson

Associate Professor of Psychology, Grinnell College

Karla Erickson studies the connections between identity, community and work. She develops ethnographic "in the trenches" accounts of how we form selves, engage conflict, and transform our social worlds through work by laboring alongside her research participants. She teaches at Grinnell College. Her most recent book How We Die Now explains new ways of dying and the people who usher us toward our end.

Recently, her work has also been published in Symbolic Interaction, Space and Culture, Qualitative Sociology, Restaurants: The Book, and Gendered Society. Along with Jennifer Pierce, and Hokulani Aikau, Erickson edited an anthology entitled Feminist Waves, Feminist Generations, Life Stories from the Academy, 1964-2000 (University of Minnesota Press, 2007).

January 23, 2014

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