Karuna Patel

Healer, Scientist, Creator, Inspirationalist

Hi! Welcome to my Bio! This is suppose to be the highlights of my life all summarized here in this little text. I had the typical bio typed out, and then I deleted it. The truth is I want to be known for Being. And just that. BEing. I BE LOve. :)

In other parts of the world, I am known as a healer, master physical therapist, small business owner, volunteer, wife and Awesome crazy Karuna.

I love to meditate, read science, fix people's body pain, and talk about creating your dreams and living an Awesome life.

Giving and Gratitude are two of my favorite things.

You can find me at : or keep up with new creations at, or see inspirations on facebook at OneFiErceHealer.

I will leave you with one of my favorite quotes "When you get, Give. When you learn, Teach."

Happy Living!