Kate Moulene

Founder of Capian Enterprises

Founder of Capian Enterprises, Ms. Moulene’s campaigns and events have created over 2 billion worldwide media impressions and raised over 20 million dollars for charity in the past eight years. Capian Enterprises has led the way in partnering the entertainment arts, corporate brands, media and nonprofit organizations. Prior to founding her firm, Ms. Moulene worked as the West Coast Bureau Chief for InStyle Magazine at Time Warner where in addition to running the bureau, she was the on-air correspondent for NBC’s TODAY show and a variety of  other media outlets including CNN and Oprah. Her journalistic experience includes writing for LIFE Magazine and reporting for the International Herald Tribune Money Report in Paris, France. 
As CEO of the Global Creative Forum Ms. Moulene developed a yearly forum and dinner where key decisions makers in the entertainment industry meet with leading United Nations officials to discuss ways in which media can support and serve major global issues facing the world. When it comes to "living" Ms. Moulene is a single, working mom with five kids. She is also a highly clumsy, ungainly klutz whose escapades offer empirical evidence that if she can do it, you can too.

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