Kate Schermerhorn

Filmmaker, "After Happily Ever After"

Kate’s quirky, funny and thought-provoking documentary film about modern marriage, After Happily Ever After, is out now on DVD and On Demand. The film, described by Scientific American as "delightfully quirky," features world-renowned psychologist John Gottman, marriage historian Stephanie Coontz, and economist Betsey Stevenson, among many others. The film asks some often overlooked questions about the institution of marriage. San Francisco Chronicle says After Happily Ever After has caused Schermerhorn to be labeled “everything from the next cultural crusader to the ant at the honeymoon picnic.” Kate, who won a 2007 Northern California Emmy for directing her first film, Seeking 1906, is also an accomplished still photographer and author of America's Idea of a Good Time. She is currently beginning production on a new documentary about consumerism.

Kate is a native New Yorker who has lived and worked in Los Angeles, Florence, Hong Kong, rural Scotland, and, after living for seven years in London, she now lives just outside of San Francisco.