Kate Wan

Executive and Leadership Coach

With over 19 years behind her, Kate has been a leading business woman worldwide. She has worked in four countries and has dominated in her role—opening multiple businesses with responsibilities including managing profitability as well, recruiting, mentoring, coaching and training,

Not only has Kate opened businesses, but she has also organized, facilitated or spoken at over 50 speaking engagements, conferences, seminars and meetings in a year. With some of these events pushing the 1,000’s mark, held around the world. Be there five participants or 500 Kate comes with the same action packed methods and plans to increase your productivity and equip you with the leadership skills to insight inspiration in the leaders you will create after you, inspire yourself, and lead an impactful life and legacy—without compromise.

“I love to help leaders inspire themselves and others to be their best version,” said Kate. “…to step up and accentuate their natural qualities without changing their values or who they truly are. I help leaders create fresh new ideas to get faster results and make a global impact.”

With Kate you will learn the possibilities are endless. She will unveil your potential and journey with you to take your dreams to reality. With her leadership coaching you will notice finally, all the ways you can win. You will finally be tuned with your ability to achieve anything you desire. You will truly understand what is said when people say, a true leader does not create followers but more leaders. Kate will work with you one on one, guiding you into the matrix of the ripple effect that will cause your personal growth to grow and inspire others.

When Kate isn’t coaching she’s a passionate family woman, who cares for her three busy children. She loves to travel (interesting fact: Kate has been to all 7 continents), eat out and enjoys a mellow glass of red or white wine to bring a day to a close. She does yoga weekly to stay in shape mentally and physically and loves to ski in her town, where the slopes are plentiful and the day is always new. She’s always looking for a newfangled way to inspire the best in others.

Kate’s goals are aligned with your own—to make a difference in the world. As Director and Owner of Trade Secrets Business Consultants, Kate utilizes logical rationale and frame works of unconventional wisdom to simply blow the roof off of what you know to be leadership. Kate is committed to showing you how to successfully balance your personal and professional life. By learning her business strategies, techniques, tools and resources including personal experience you will regain focus to unlock your potential. Your final reward—a business working at optimum levels and a rich and balanced life. Learn the way, with Kate Wan.